At Dog Logic, our clients are family and we care for each and every dog that walks through our doors as if they are one of our own. As you can see, our clients agree!

Dog Logic really helped me as a first time dog owner. It was one of the best decisions I made for my puppy. My dog still runs to me wagging her tail when I say “Training!”.
— Dar R.
What an awesome place! They are very well educated for training and care of dogs. The place is immaculate. Oreo has been going here for “day care” for over 3 years now. It isn’t just a business - they truly care about every dog. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my boy.
— Susan D.
Our 7-month old Chocolate Lab, Zoey, is very sweet but very willful. Elizabeth and the rest of the staff did an excellent job. After 2 weeks at Dog Logic, is a different dog in her response to commands. The E-Collar works extremely well and often we don’t even have to use it as she responds to our voice commands. She still has the puppy “joie de vivre” and curiosity we have always loved. We highly recommend Dog Logic, its staff, and training methods.
— Terry and Robin D.
London was a very good girl on our outing last night! She was relaxed and not bothered by traffic, people or other dogs. We ran into a friend that London has never met and she pet her and London gave her kisses. Big progress!
— April B.
The first thing I would like to say to Elizabeth and Lauren at Dog Logic is...THANK YOU!!! We will forever be indebted to them for solving a very emotional problem for us. After 6 months of getting along wonderfully, our two rescue pups started showing some aggression toward one another. We were at a loss as to what to do. We were referred to Dog Logic and our whole world changed! My husband and I simply needed to be learn how to be the leaders of the pack and learn how to “speak puppy”! Could it really be that easy?? YES...after some training lessons (for both the pups and the humans!) our family is happy, healthy and back to loving life. Elizabeth is our area’s version of The Dog Whisperer!
— Jill R.
I operate a non-profit animal sanctuary in northern NY. We were referred to Dog Logic about a year ago to help us with rehabilitating aggressive and reactive dogs! Since them, I have traveled 3 1/2 hours monthly to study with Elizabeth and her staff. I have learned so much from them and it amazes me every time I go how much they understand dogs and their behavior! Thank you so much Elizabeth for sharing your knowledge not only with your staff but with anyone who is willing to learn.
— Candace B.
Elizabeth and her team were AWESOME in a “difficult dog” workshop. They gave me the philosophy and skills, but mostly a BELIEF that I could successfully work my dog out of her reactivity. We have begun the protocols, and I am impressed with how effective they are. It’s a new lifestyle for both of us. THANK YOU!
— Sandy S.
I brought my eight month old Standard Poodle to Dog Logic. As he was dragging me through the door, I knew I needed help. He would jump and bite to get attention and became very unruly. Five weeks later they returned to me a nine month old puppy who would “place, heel on and off a leash, and stay.” There was no more biting or jumping. I could not believe the change. I now have an obedient puppy who is only getting better with time. This place is the best!
— Magnus D.
Our Rotties took classes many years ago. They were a challenge, especially Bud, but he ended up graduating. We were so proud of him! The classes were very helpful and the trainers are great and supportive.
— Michelle B.
Our rescue dog went to obedience training with Elizabeth and we started out with him having quite the attitude. Elizabeth’s extremely insightful and patent training helped Max and us! We still practice what we learned everyday, which makes us all balanced and happy! Even our Vet was amazed with the difference!
— Susan D.

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