Lauren Corliss

Position at Dog Logic: Manager and Assistant Instructor
Pets: Dogs - Moose and Lollie, Cats - Hershey, Reeses, Kit Kat and Gomez, and Butch the horse (or giant dog)
Favorite Dog Logic Class: K9 Confidence
Fun Fact: Lauren loves taking her dogs to Lake George to go swimming, and when she's not doing dog related activities, she's doing horse related activities! She loves going for trail rides, barrel racing or going to the rodeos!

Dale Hager

Position at Dog Logic: Instructor and Administrative Assistant
Pets: Dogs - Cooper, Mindi, and Timber, and one very patient cat
Favorite Dog Logic Class: Rally  
Fun Fact: Cooper is a Rally Champion and loves that work. Mindi is amazing at Frisbee, and Timber has perfected "drop it" and excels in recall. All three dogs are Canine Good Citizens. We train for the love of it!


Courtney Gelish

Position at Dog Logic: Assistant Instructor
Pets: Mack - Labrador/German Shepherd/Shetland Sheepdog Mix
Favorite Dog Logic Class: Obedience Level 2  
Fun Fact: Courtney owns and operates her own pet services business in downtown Saratoga Springs called Unleashed Canine Care!

Lauren Szvetics

Position at Dog Logic: Assistant Instructor
Pets: Chloe - Beagle Mix
Favorite Dog Logic Class: Hounds Around Town 
Fun Fact: Chloe and Lauren participate in many community dog events, including costume contests!

Ryder is a dog my wife and I have placed with Elizabeth due to his fearful tendencies around strangers. We also attended the seminar this past weekend on working with aggressive/reactive dogs. I learned so much and look forward to the next class. I would highly recommend that shelters put their staff through this course. We were shown first hand how it is very possible to make shelter dogs more adoptable with a few easy steps. Also, Ryder was brought to the seminar and there was such a difference in him I can’t begin to explain. A big thank you to Elizabeth and her staff!
— Bill T.